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Ratcat + Toys Went Berserk + Spod, 14 Oct 2016

Ratcat 2016 Ratcat 2011 Laughting Bag Easy Rider I Hate The Music
Ratcat & John Paul Young unite and return with a new single I Hate The Music

Out Soon ! The Church Tribute CD with Ratcat's tasty Loud and Fuzzy ! version of "Electric Lash".

Produced by Mike Brenton Biggers

Ratcat were the first ever Aussie band to score a simultaneous number 1 single and album on the national charts. Ratcat is loud Fuzz Guitar punk pop music that thrives on its simplicity with a healthy progression of melodic tones & groove while still remaining true to their punk roots. Qwerky appreciation of all things weird, wonderful, comical & horror like, makes Ratcat have a life of its own. Lots of tragic romantic songs about Life & Love & Cats.

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