Ratcat Biography

Ratcat, a band born out of love for the surrealism of everyday life, the product of a once thriving scene in Mosman, centred around, and encouraged by, the now demolished Mosman Hotel.

Maintaining a healthy sence of humour in a profession it takes very seriously, Ratcat has defied the odds remaining true to its alternative/independent roots, while successfully capturing the collective imagination of the commercial music world.

They were the first ever Australian band to score a simultaneous Number 1 single and album on the national charts.

Formed in 1986, "Danger Mouse" (as they were originally known) soon adopted their more dynamic moniker, and began hawking their infectious brand of fuzzed-out pop around Sydney, Which led to the members signing a record contract with Waterfront Records.

Ratcat's first record, a self-titled mini LP, immediately caught the attention of JJJ and was placed on high rotation, setting the pace for Ratcat's ensuing career expansion.

After two more singles, 1989 saw the release of "This Nightmare", Ratcat's first full-length LP, which hit the top of the independent charts and remained there for some 30 weeks! The LP received rave reviews and saw Ratcat placed in the top 10 of Triple J's Listeners'Poll for 1989 alongside the likes of The B52s and The Cure, as well as being voted by Rolling Stone's John O'Donnell as one of the five bands "most likely to make it".

The Ratcat world took a hectic turn around this time with their live shows being consistently sold out at most Sydney venues; and this together with their participation in numerous tours by international acts (supporting the likes of The Ramones, Concrete Blonde, P.I.L, Pop Will Eat Itself, The Buzzocks, Jesus Jones, Mudhoney, Faith No More and others) saw Ratcat's popularity skyrocket. They scored a contract with rooArt Records in May 1990.

By October that year Ratcat's first rooArt product, the "Tingles" Ep, was released to widespread critical acclaim and the band undertook a national tour. After winning the Drum Media readers' poll for "Best Sydney Based Band" (1990) by a "landslide", Ratcat embarked upon the INXS "X Factor" Tour, supporting INXS over 15 dates right across Australia. The tour coincided with the release of Ratcat's single "Don't Go Now".

May 1991 saw the release of the band's 2nd album "Blind Love", which rocketed straight to number one, making another platinum status for Ratcat. Following a successful European tour, Ratcat returned home to be named the most popular band in Australia.

A National Ratcat Alive tour was undertaken in Jan 92, which saw the release of the "Alive" mini LP. March 92 Concert for life was Amr's was last stand and left Ratcat due to tension and differance of interest. Soon to join was Marc skully but not before the boys began their new spate of recordings with the off-beat but creative sound of "Candyman".

Ratcat then embarked on a National tour to promote their new single and make a much welcome return to the scene, but it was back to pubs that helped put them on the map in the first place & not the larger venues. Then came a summer pop classic "Holiday", both new singles made it into the top 40's.

December 1992 saw the release of the band's 3rd album "Inside Out", which reflected a new emphasis on a darker more refined progression of groove, grunge & melody but still as ever staying true to there punk pop roots. Steve Garvey of Buzzcocks fame shared Simon with bass-playing duties on "Inside Out".

May 1993 came "The World (In A Wrapper)" tour one of Ratcat's most innovative creations to date, a remixed track from the album 'Inside Out' . Ratcat grung pop style joining forces with the unique nature of rap artist Rosano Martinez, of Sound Unlimited, creating more socially conscious lyrical content.

October 1993 and Ratcat head off to Hong Kong to represent Australia at the Wanchai Festival, an Asian version of "The Big Day Out", a few other shows in Bangkok and then back home.

December 1993 and "INFORMER 86:289" an compilation album of Ratcat's Waterfront years was released for the benifit of fans being able to get hold of the fiesty pop tracks from 1986 - 1989 previously only on Vynil.

January 1994 saw the rather quiet release of "Rain" Ep another great cd, Rain a more moody and melodic track, Rumble a grungy Instumental & more quirky pop Fuzzy Guitar tracks.

August 1995 A brand new single, and an anticipated new LP - It's 1995 and as RATCAT celebrate their 10th anniversary, the wait is over.

It's been three years since the release of RATCAT's last LP, 'Inside Out' & now a brand new EP titled 'The Smiler' has just been made available to the public, being just a small sample of what's to come. It features two tracks from their forthcoming LP, the radio friendly guitar pop masterpiece, 'May You Ever' and the moody & almost theme track style instrumental 'Sleep'. This EP displays RATCAT at their most progressive. Following on from the January release of the single, 'Rain', RATCAT continue with a more mature melody structure which will surprise even the most hardened critic.

In between recording sessions for this forthcoming LP - currently titled 'Easy Rider' - RATCAT have been busy with tours of Asiatic territories as well as cris-crossing this great continent of ours for special events & interstate visits. RATCAT band members have also pursued individual commitments during 1995 with guitarist/songwriter/vocalist Simon Day concentrating on artwork efforts. Simon's work has been published within magazines all over the country in the form of ad's, logo's etc, as well as several exhibitions.

'Easy Rider' contains the total of thirteen brand new tracks - most being written by Simon. Taking into account past history, this album virtually presents a culmination of RATCAT's efforts to date including tracks such as 'Mouthful Of Flies' & the silently listed 'Romeo Is Bleeding' which display a return to their punk roots of `Ratcat yesteryear' as well as progressive, melodic (& almost ballad like) epics such as 'Into The Light' & 'Bitching & Balling'.

Still maintaining an appreciation of all things weird, wonderful, comical & horror like, 'Easy Rider' combines all these elements within a variety of musical styles which will no doubt cater to fans both young & old. Scheduled for a late October release, this LP will be preceded by another four track EP containing another two new tasty guitar pop cuts.

1998 April Ratcat Played a one off reunion show at the Annandale and now Ratcat are back to live another 9 lives.

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