Ratcat & Wrapper


by ARON CURNOW, 24-7-93

RE-INVENTION is a common occurrence in the world of rock. A band stairts off deploying a particular style of music, and then due to fate or band re-evaluation tbey change their style or more commonly their attitude or image. Pop Will Eat Itself are a good example of this. For the first couple of years of their career they employed a few humorous lines with a Buzzcock's diven guitair trip and then after a few excursions to a local night club they turned into dance floor wonder-beasts.

ALHOUGH Ratcat will probably never receive a re-envention logie, or dance on the spot in fluoro clothing, their latest single World (In A Wrapper ) ison the whole not what you'd be expecting from a band that has made a career out of producing harmless pop. The song may commence in customary fashion but inserted Into the interlude is a ubiquitous jam by Australia's leading home-boy Rosano "The Assassin" Martinez from Sound Unlimited.

IN a way we are reinventing ourselves, but strictly speaking I could think of more drastic ways to do it," says Simon Day the person responsible for the stripe shirt phenomena ot 1991. With a hint of pride he continues: "I'm sure we will have to change for our next record . . . but tor the time being, the more people we keep guessing the better."

SIMON has a new outlook on life. He may no longer be the star to end all stars but he's happy with the current lineup of the band and "wants to continue to put everything into it." He's even enjoying life away from Daryl and Ozzie, guest spots on The Midday Show with Ray, and the obsessive fans which detinitely wanted more trom him than he wanted to give.

"EVERYTHING is far less chaotic now and apart from getting my head around things, I'm tinally giving my psyche the rest it deserves."

SIMON might be relaxing his psyche but he detinitely isn't giving his vocal chords a break. Since the release ot Inside Out (Ratcat's last album it you haven't torgotten), Mark, Andrew and Simon have been touring Australia. I don't mean the usual Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane jaunt etc., they've included places like Broome on their tour.

"ONE of the great things about being in Ratcat and receiving the mass recognition that we did, is that you can play all these of the wall places that few bands ever get to play. Plus we can afford to pay our own way, hang out and just be lay abouts.

"PLUS being in Ratcat is a job for us and by touring constantly it enables us to pay ourselves a wage and the tour or five others that we employ. We are creating jobs as we go. It's good tor the economy," laughs the thoughtful Simon. Indeed it is. Forget Keynesian theories Mr Keating. Why don't you put Daysian theory to use.

WITH Simon in such a sky-larking mood I decided to unleash all of the juicy questions which I was saving for the end. What is your favourite colour?, why didn't Matt Day join the band?, and do you really mime on HeyHey It's Saturday? were all waiting anxiously on the tip of my tongue. But on the spare of the moment I wimped out and went for more of a conventional question. Will youever work with Robyn St. Claire again?

'I CERTAINLY hope so, we talked about it the other day."

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